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Increase Productivity by using a Professional Admin Panel Template
Why are Admin Panels so Important?

Web administrators and web designers don’t realize how important admin panels are until they starting using one of the best admin panels available. Using the wrong type of admin panel can have an impact on productivity and results. What people fail to realize is admin panels are just as important as the functionality of the website and project itself. Installing the right type of fully customized admin panel will lead to an overall increase productivity.

Most people don’t know what they are missing until they switch and start using one of the best CP templates on the Internet. Admin panels should be easy-to-use, but advanced enough to allow web administrators the ability oversee every aspect of a website and project. Admin panels are supposed to make administering a website or project easy not difficult. With over 100+ themes to choose from, why settle for less than the best?

Here’s a list of the best sold admin templates from Themeforest:

1) Simpla Admin – Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin


The most sold ‘Admin Template’ from Themeforest, Simpla Admin is a professional template with a beautiful and user friendly interface. With various smart and intuitive jQuery functions, navigating the interface is a breeze. It utilizes very few plugin scripts (most functions are hand coded) so the code is very lightweight and easy to manage/modify.

Theme Features

  • Semantic, valid XHTML and CSS
  • Well commented code
  • Liquid layout: content resizes to the user’s window
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • 3 Colour schemes: Green, Blue and Red included
  • Accordion Main Menu
  • Modal window on any element
  • Closable Notifications with smooth animation
  • Large, visual shortcut buttons
  • CSS Files, HTML Files, JS Files, Layered PSD

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2) Complete Liquid Admin Control Panel


Complete Liquid Admin Control Panel is a complex Liquid admin template that contains a login page as well as a modular content page that includes all the elements you could possible need in your Admin Panel. You’re able to generate any required page from these elements.

Liquid as oposed to a fixed size means all the screen real-estate is used in the most efficient manner possible and also eliminates compatibility issues with non-standard, very low or very high screen resolutions.

Theme Features

  • Liquid Admin Template
  • Tableless CSS coding
  • Cross-browser compatible & stylish
  • .PSD files as well as slices
  • Easy to customize with medium knowledge of Photoshop and CSS
  • Rectangular Notification Boxes (ex. positive, negative, site message etc.)

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3) Constellation Complete Admin Skin


Constellation is a powerful admin skin with fixed/fluid layout for building advanced backends, both for desktop and mobile users. Powered by jQuery for maximum user experience, it provides a wide range of styles from data visualization to lists and calendars, all fluid and nestable.

Theme Features

  • Fluid or Fixed Layout, based on 960 Grid System
  • 45+ Elements Styles, with multiple variations
  • Fully Functional even if JS is disabled

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4) Admintasia – Powerful backend Admin User Interface


Flexible to house any kind of application, Admintasia is a complete backend administration user interface that loads last, it’s intuitive and easy to use, it uses only three small images and it also looks good. Having a customizable layout, you can divide the main content area into one big box and two small ones, or three smaller one, or two big ones.

The premium version of Admintasia includes sliders, flexigrids, accordions, modal video, and many other nice features.

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5) Adminus – Beautiful Admin Panel Interface


Adminus is a stylish – HTML & CSS – admin panel template ready to be implemented as a back-end interface of your application. The template uses smart jQuery scripts and effects and degrades gracefully if JavaScript is disabled. Comes in 3 premade skins (blue, green and red) and with the included .PSD you can style it in any colors.

  • Valid code
  • Liquid and fixed layout
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Unobtrusive jQuery powered effects
  • Implemented WYSIWYG editor
  • Beautiful, customizable graphs
  • Easy tabs on any block
  • Dropdown menus, 4 level deep
  • Working AJAX / PHP file upload
  • Super cool image management mini menus
  • Date picker
  • Sortable tables
  • Custom select form element
  • Fancy modal boxes
  • Stylish notifications with nice fade in and fade out effect
  • Image preloading
  • Custom font with @font-face
  • 3 premade skins – Blue, Green and Red
  • Easy skin customization with the provided PSD files


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6) Boxie Admin


Having a modern looking design, easy to use user interface (UI) and cool user experience (UX), this simple and stylish administration template has clean & professional code using the latest web standards optimized for fast loading, accessibility, semantics and so on. The well commented code allows you to understand and modify your Boxie Admin as you’ll want. The template comes with 7 color variants: Blue, Black, Red, Brown, Green, Orange and Purple.

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7) Profi Admin – Administration for the Professionals


Having a clean and simple style template, Profi Admin’s complexity and expandability goes beyond expectations. The big visual menu creates the intuitive navigation while the tabbed and the hidden submenu expands the structure to 3 menu levels:

  • Large & iconized Main Menu – with blend effect on hover.
  • Tabbed menu
  • Hidden “More” menu (Click on More Submenus link in the tabbed menu for a demo)

Inspired by the WordPress Administration layout.

Theme Features

  • 960 Grid System
  • Fixed Liquid Layout
  • FLOT charting
  • Sortable layout
  • jQuery UI
  • Closable notification messages
  • Sortable and togglable portlets – similar to WordPress admin
  • Semantic, valid XHTML and CSS
  • Well commented code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • All-Box checkbox
  • Includes full icon packs
  • 5 button styles
  • Photoshop source files

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8) Cleanity Complete Admin / CMS Skin


Cleanity is a professional looking and highly flourished skin, suitable for almost any kind purpose. It’s a compilation of all features you might need on an administration theme.

Theme Features

  • Valid XHTML / CSS
  • Light XHTML with Fast Load
  • Flash Like Animated Drop Down Navigation
  • Rounded Corners with No Images
  • Accordion Side Menu
  • Modal Boxes on any Element Desired
  • jQuery based Calendar
  • Tabbed Lists (Also available for any element)
  • Quick Visual Links with Graphical Navigation
  • Nicely Styled Forms
  • Visual WYSIWYG Editor on Desired Textareas
  • 3 Columns + 2 Columns Wide Version
  • Works in all Major browsers both in Windows & Mac OSX


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9) Wide Admin – Powerful Backend Interface


Wide Admin is an easy skinnable 101% customizable powerful backend interface with wide aspect and 2 skins (Smooth gray, and silk black). Comes with a complete documentation and full support.

Theme Features

  • Sortable and togglable dialog windows
  • Liquid (fluid) layout
  • Navigation bar with unlimited menu levels
  • Tooltips available for any item
  • Modal windows / dialogs
  • Closeable notification messages
  • Fluid Accordions, Tabs, form elements, etc
  • Well organized files


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10) Administry Admin Template


Administry is a fully jQuery Powered – HTML5 + CSS3 compliant – Control Panel template, best for content management systems, website backends or as a standalone skin for a web application.

Theme Features

  • Crossbrowser compatible
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Sortable database
  • Tab-based navigation
  • Charts and graphs
  • Custom modal popups
  • Form validation
  • Styled forms, headings and tables
  • 6 color variations
  • Well commented code


The template includes 4 sample pages: “Login page”, “Dashboard”, “File management” and “Product management”.

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11) UltraAdmin Full Control Panel 4 Skins


UltraAdmin is an advanced cross-browser compatible, very stylish, yet easy to use administration panel template. It includes 4 color schemes (skins): the very hot aurora graphic skin, white, blue and dark skins. The control panel is divided in a login page and two content pages that includes all the the elements you could possibly need in your admin. Using these elements you can generate any required page.

Having a clean CSS coding, changing the color scheme is a simple matter of editing the stylesheet the HTML page loads.

The template includes all page .psd files as well as slices and should be easy to customise with medium knowledge of Photoshop and CSS .

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12) eManager 1.0


eManager 1.0 is a simple CMS skin with a nice and clean user interface. It includes the basic things you need to build your application including forms, alerts, menu, submenu, lists, icons and tabs. The elements can be arranged as you like. Comes with a fixed layout, clean code and documentation.

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Looking for something cheaper and simpler? Checkout this list of Admin Skins from Themeforest.



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